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Welcome to the SkyMap Software web site, home of star charting software for astronomers. Here you can read about our products, download evaluation versions of our software, visit our on-line library to obtain the latest data for use in our products, visit our mailing list, and much more.

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We invite all SkyMap users to join the SkyMap mailing list, an e-mail discussion list for any subject relating to the use of the SkyMap Pro application. The list is hosted by Yahoo Groups, and is free to join and use. Click the button on the right to join the SkyMap mailing list

Our Mission

To become the leading supplier of high quality astronomy software for the serious amateur and professional astronomer.

Company Profile

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SkyMap Software is based in Cheshire, England. The company was founded in 1990 by Chris Marriott, a professional physicist and software developer with a life-long interest in astronomy. The company's main product - the SkyMap planetarium (after which the company is named) - was first released in February 1993 and is now a market leader in this very competitive field.