Revised AFGL IR
Sky Survey Catalog

Name: Revised AFGL I.R. Sky Survey Catalog (286k)
Revised AFGL I.R. Sky Survey Catalog Supplement (265k)
Contributor: Patricia Pitts (
Date submitted: Feb 1, 2001

The RAFGL and its supplement contain the results of extensive verification and photometric studies of AFGL sources performed since the publication of "The AFGL Four Color Infrared Sky Survey: Catalog of Observations at 4.2, 11.0, 19.8, and 27.4 micrometers" Magnitudes at those wavelengths are given for 3200 AFGL sources and 624 detections from the FIRSSE and SPICE flights, beginning with source number 5001. New entries in the revised spplemental catalog begin with 6001S. Cross-references to other infrared and visible source designations are included. A user-defined "IR" symbol may be used for these sources.