Feature Comparison

The table below provides a quick comparison of the features of
SkyMap Pro 12 and SkyMap Lite 12

Feature Pro Lite
Distributed on USB flash drive: Y Y
Display the appearance of the sky as seen from any location on earth for any date between 4700BC and 9999AD: Y Y
Print high quality star charts on any printer: Y Y
Display detailed information for any object: Y Y
Search for any object in SkyMap's databases by any of its names or designations: Y Y
Accurately show the positions of 2.5 million stars down to magnitude 11.5: Y Y
Display 15,000 deep sky objects from the NGC, IC, and SAC catalogs: Y Y
Supplied with a collection of 170 pictures of the best known deep-sky objects: Y Y
Automatically download a picture of any object from the internet: Y Y
Download updated comet and asteroid information from the internet: Y Y
Predict visible passes of artificial earth satellites, and download new orbital elements from the internet: Y Y
Add eyepiece field of view circles, lines, arrows, and text to the star chart: Y Y
Display charts and make local predictions for all eclipses of the Sun and Moon occurring between 2000BC and 3000AD: Y Y
Supplied with a separate Pictures  folder containing more than 16,000 pictures from the Digitized Sky Survey. Pictures are included for every object in the NGC and IC catalogs, and many more besides: Y N
Overlay Digitized Sky Survey pictures as a "background image" on the star chart, either automatically downloaded from the internet, or read from the RealSky CD-ROMs (not supplied): Y N
Control a wide range of computer-control telescopes, slewing to any object with a click of the mouse on the star chart (cables not supplied): Y N
Make better use of your observing sessions using SkyMap's suite of observation planning tools: Y N
Carry out systematic observing programmes aided by SkyMap's "target list" system of "check lists": Y N
Record your observations using the built-in log book. This is closely integrated with both observation planning and the target list facilities, allowing you to see at a glance which objects you have previously observed: Y N
Display 15 million additional stars, as faint as mag 14-15, from the Hubble Guide Star Catalog: Y N
Calculate the accurate position angle and separation of binary stars with known orbits from the Sixth Binary Star Orbit Catalog. Y N
Display 160,000 galaxies from the LEDA galaxy catalog: Y N
Add additional data catalogs to the program, either creating your own with the supplied tools, or downloading them from the extensive free catalog library on the web site: Y N
Add additional lines, grids, etc, to the star chart using map overlays. Either create your own, or download from the free library on the web site: Y N
Quickly plot the positions of newly discovered novae, comets, etc, on the star chart using the easy-to-use "Quick Catalog": Y N
Display tabular information using the "Data Tables" feature. A number of tables are supplied with the program, and the result of any "event search" can be saved as a table for future use: Y N
Easily run other programs from within SkyMap using the "Add-Ins" feature: Y N