Data Catalogs

SkyMap Pro offers the very useful capability of being able to use "external data catalogs", allowing you to add your own data to the program. This page contains a collection of data catalogs which have been generously contributed by SkyMap Pro users. If you've created or come across a data catalog which you feel would be of interest to other users, and you'd like to contribute it to this library, please send e-mail to for instruction about how to do so. Before doing so, please ensure that the catalog is freely distributable!

Using the Data Catalogs

Each of the catalogs in the library is supplied in the form of a "zip" file containing the catalog itself, any accompanying documentation, and the "SkyMap Data Definition" (.sdd) file which "describes" the layout of the data to SkyMap Pro. To use any of these catalogs, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the catalog link to download the file to your hard disk.
  2. "Unzip" the catalog into a directory on your hard disk. We recommend using a separate directory for each catalog.
  3. Run the DataPrep tool supplied with SkyMap Pro, and load the ".sdd" file associated with the catalog.
  4. In DataPrep, select the Operations/General menu item, and edit the path name of the catalog data to represent the catalog's location on your hard disk.
  5. Select File/Save to save the new ".sdd" file.
  6. Add the catalog to SkyMap Pro using the procedures described in the "External Data Catalogs" chapter of the manual.

Catalog Library

For each catalog, the following information is listed:

Catalog List:

Note: Catalogs marked with a "(*)" required SkyMap Pro 6 or later to use. All the other catalogs can be used with SkyMap Pro 5.