Meade LX200
Alignment Star Catalog

Name: Meade LX200 alignment star catalog (4k)
Contributor: David Rose
Date submitted: May 15, 1999


This file contains two simple databases for the Meade LX200:

The data is formatted in the following columns
Star No.    RA hrs    RA min    Dec sign     Dec deg    Dec min    mag.
The magnitude is correct value in the  align 2 file. (doubles). There is a single character in the align 1 file for the magnitude, all set to  2. This is so all the alignment stars can be easily displayed / not displayed depending on the mag. limits   set in SkyMap.

When the LX database is selected it shows the  position of the LX alignment stars on screen. Very useful as I can easily identify an alignment star close to the object of interest. Sync on the alignment star an make a short slew to the object, minimising pointing errors when  CCDing. I use this 'short hop' method since I normally have a 'large' payload on the back of my 10" LX and feel it wise not to load the motors too much, if not already!

An image of my set up is at:-