Meteor Showers Catalog

Name: Meteor Showers (32k)
Contributor: Ben Siemerink (
Date submitted: 13-JAN-2000


This archive contains data tables, object catalogs, and map overlays containing information about meteor showers for the years 2002-2005. The information is supplied courtesy of the International Meteor Organization, See the file "ReadMe.txt" within the archive for full information on using the files contained within the archive.

Contributed by Ben Siemerink (, 13-JAN-2000
15-MAR-00 Improved and updated.
15-DEC-00: Data added for the year 2001. Moving radiants now shown by map overlay file.
01-JAN-02: Data added for the year 2002.
22-DEC-02: Data added for the year 2003.
17-JAN-2004: Data added for the year 2004.
01-JAN-2005: Data added for the year 2005.