SkyMap Lite 12
Service Packs

SkyMap Lite 12 Service Pack

This service pack "patches" SkyMap Lite 12 to the latest version 12.2.5. Click the link below to download the service pack. (Please note that the link goes to an external download site.)

Download SkyMap Lite 12 Service Pack 1 (6MB)

To apply the service pack, simply run the downloaded program and follow the prompts on screen to locate the SkyMap Lite 12 installation directory. The service pack will "patch" any older version of the program to create the latest version. Each service pack includes all the changes made in all previous service packs. Please note that the service pack only works with the full commercial version of SkyMap Lite 12, not the demonstration version of the program.

What's New?

Service Pack 1 (Dec 29, 2018)

Minor Enhancements

Improves rendering of toolbars on high resolution screens.

The default comet data URL is updated.

Comet and satellite data may now be downloaded with the "https" protocol as well as "http" and "ftp".

The limit is extended from 999AU to 9999AU on the semi-major axis of asteroid and comet orbits in the dialog box which sets it.

F7 now activates the cursor on the search field on the relevant toolbar.

F8 now searches for the object identified on the toolbar when the toolbar does not have the focus.

Ctrl+F6 / Ctrl+Shift+F6 activate the next/previous map window.

Bugs fixed

Fixes various problems with auxiliary files which now belong in the AppData area. This includes the Ground Track map for satellites.

Fixes some broken links in the help system.

Double clicking a ".smp" file now correctly opens it in SkyMap.