SkyMap Lite 12
Product Information


SkyMap Lite 12 is a sophisticated star charting and planetarium program for Microsoft Windows 7 or later. It can display the sky as seen from any location on earth for any date between 4000BC and 8000AD, showing fields of view ranging from the entire visible sky down to a detailed telescopic "finder chart" for a faint galaxy.

SkyMap Lite 12 has been designed to appeal to the novice, or the more casual astronomer. For those with more demanding requirements, we also offer the more sophisticated SkyMap Pro product.

System Requirements

We recommend the following as the minimum system requirement for running SkyMap Lite 12:

Basic Features

Amongst the basic facilities of SkyMap Lite are the following:

Advanced Features

SkyMap Lite has many powerful features primarily targeted at the more "advanced" user. These include:

Artificial Satellites

SkyMap Lite can predict the passes of, and display the tracks of, artificial Earth satellites, using standard "TLE" (two-line element) orbital elements.

The program can either predict the passes of a specified satellite over a range of dates, or the passes of all satellites in its database for a single night. You can display either all passes, or only visible passes (ie passes during which the satellite is in sunlight and the observer in darkness).

Pass predictions are initially displayed in a "tabular" form, making it easy to see the results at a glance. You can then select one or more passes from this table and display them as "tracks" on the star chart, allowing you to see the path of the satellite amongst the stars.

The program can also display the "ground track" of a satellite, showing its path over the Earth's surface in either a tabular form, or graphically on a world map.

The program uses the standard NORAD "SGP4" and "SDP4" mathematical models for predicting satellite positions, thus ensuring highly accurate results.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses

SkyMap Lite can predict local circumstances for any eclipse of the Sun or Moon occuring between 2000 BC and 3000 AD. For solar eclipses, the program can also display the track of the eclipse on a highly-detailed world map; just like a star chart window, the map window can be scrolled, zoomed in and out, printed, etc.

Supplied Data Catalogs

SkyMap Lite is supplied with many complete data catalogs, including: