SkyMap Lite 12


Chris Marriott's SkyMap Lite 12 is a planetarium and star-charting program for Microsoft Windows 7 or later. SkyMap Lite retains all the flexibility and ease of use of SkyMap Pro but is designed to appeal to the novice, or the more "casual" astronomer who doesn't require the more sophisticated features of SkyMap Pro.


The links below provide additional information about Chris Marriott's SkyMap Lite 12; if you have any questions to which you are unable to find the answers, please feel free either to send e-mail to or, if you wish, ask on our mailing list

Please note that SkyMap Lite 12 is simply our SkyMap Pro 12 product with some features removed from it. To download a demonstration version of the program, view screen shots, and so on, please see the SkyMap Pro area of the web site. You may find of interest a feature comparison between SkyMap Pro and SkyMap Lite.