SkyMap Pro 10
Service Packs

The following updated program files for SkyMap Pro 10 are available for download:

SkyMap Pro 10 Service Pack

This service pack "patches" SkyMap Pro 10 to the latest version 10.0.5. Click the link below to download the service pack.

Download Service Pack 2 (smp10sp2.exe, 382kb)

To apply the service pack, simply run the downloaded program and follow the prompts on screen to locate the SkyMap Pro 10 installation directory. The service pack will "patch" any older version of the program to create the latest version. Each service pack includes all the changes made in all previous service packs. Please note that the service pack only works with the full commercial version of SkyMap Pro, not the demonstration version of the program.

What's New?

Service Pack 2 (Nov 22, 2003)

Bugs fixed

The "time limiting" feature of the demonstration version of the program was accidentally left "active" in the full version, meaning that it stopped working after a while. Now fixed.

Service Pack 1 (Nov 2, 2003)

Bugs fixed

On some machines, displaying the information dialog for a comet or asteroid resulted in the program crashing, due to a syntax error (a missing "</table>" tag) in the HTML page displayed by the dialog. Now fixed.

On machines running Windows 98, selecting the "Planning/Target List/Visibility" menu item would sometimes result in a crash with an "Exception 10h" error code. Now fixed.

When displaying the local circumstances of a solar eclipse, if the eclipse wasn't visible from the observer's location, the information dialog would be completely blank, rather than telling the user that the eclipse wasn't visible. Now fixed.

When the target list catalog was switched on, and the "Picture of..." right click menu item enabled, right clicking a target list catalog item on the map would only locate a picture of the object if the picture file used SkyMap's "preferred" name for the object. Now changed so the picture is correctly located using any known name for the object, as is the case with the other catalogs.