SkyMap Pro 11
Service Packs

The following updated program files for SkyMap Pro 11 are available for download:

SkyMap Pro 11 Service Pack

This service pack "patches" SkyMap Pro 11 to the latest version 11.0.6. Click the link below to download the service pack.

Download Service Pack 3 (smp11sp3.exe, 532kb)

To apply the service pack, simply run the downloaded program and follow the prompts on screen to locate the SkyMap Pro 11 installation directory. The service pack will "patch" any older version of the program to create the latest version. Each service pack includes all the changes made in all previous service packs. Please note that the service pack only works with the full commercial version of SkyMap Pro 11, not the demonstration version of the program.

What's New?

Service Pack 3 (Nov 8, 2005)

Bugs fixed

The previously issued service pack 2 mistakenly failed to alter the asteroid catalog editor to allow for the change in the asteroid file format resulting from the number of asteroids exceeding 100,000. Unfortunately this meant that if the asteroid catalog was edited in any way from within the program - for example, by explicitly selecting one or more asteroids - the asteroid catalog become corrupted resulting in the program hanging up. This service pack corrects this issue. Apologies to all who downloaded the previous service pack 2 and experienced difficulties as a result.

If, after installing this service pack, you find that SkyMap "hangs up" when you run it, this will be due to having an old asteroid catalog on your computer. Delete the asteroid catalog (by default, this will be the file "" in the "Data" subdirectory of the SkyMap installation directory) and SkyMap will start up correctly. You can then use the "Tools/Download Data" menu item to download the latest asteroid data.

Service Pack 2 (Nov 5, 2005)


The number of asteroids which have been assigned numbers now exceeds 100,000, resulting in a slight change to the format of the asteroid catalog. With this service pack, the program will now correctly handle both the "old" and the "new" asteroid catalog formats.

Bugs fixed

Asteroids with a semi-major axis of 100 AU or more were not correctly handled by the program. Now fixed.

Service Pack 1 (May 29, 2005)

Bugs fixed

Selecting the Search/List/Double Stars menu item resulted in the program crashing if any double stars were present on the map. Now fixed.