SkyMap Pro 7
Service Packs and Bug Fixes

The following updated program files for SkyMap Pro 7 are available for download:

SkyMap Pro 7 Service Pack

This service pack "patches" SkyMap Pro 7 to the latest version 7.0.11. Click the link below to download the service pack.

Download Service Pack 3 (smp7sp3.exe, 339kb)

To apply the service pack, simply run the downloaded program and follow the prompts on screen to locate the SkyMap Pro 7 installation directory. The service pack will "patch" any older version of the program to create the latest version. Note that each service pack includes all the changes made in all previous service packs.

What's New?

Service Pack 3 (Mar 4, 2001)

Bug fixes

The title for a GSC star in the star info dialog should be of the form "GSC xxxx-yyyyy", not "GSC-xxxx-yyyyy". The extra hyphen at the start of the name was preventing the star from being found from a target list if the info dialog's "Add to target list" menu item was used to add the star to a target list.

If a "non-standard" name for an object was added to a target list, for example "Orion Nebula" rather than "M42", and the object information dialog was then displayed, either from the target list itself, the target list visibility dialog, or the target list catalog, the "Picture" item on the info dialog menu would always be disabled, even if a picture file existed with the correct name. Now fixed.

The method used for labelling satellite tracks on the star chart relied on the fact that points on the track occured at exact multiples of the labelling interval. This could result, in certain circumstances, in tracks being displayed with no labels. The method used for labelling satellite tracks has now been changed so that labels will be displayed correctlyin all circumstances.

In the deep sky configuration dialog, "rounding errors" would often slightly alter the entered magnitude limit. Eg, enter a limit of "15.4" and next time the dialog was displayed it would have been changed to "15.39". Now fixed.

Service Pack 2 (Jan 14, 2001)

Bug fixes

A memory management bug could make the program crash if the star limiting magnitude was first lowered, then raised to a value higher than its original value. Now fixed.


Service Pack 1 (Dec 1, 2000)

Bug fixes

The title for the SAC catalog information in the deep sky object info dialog still said "v6". Changed to "v7" to correctly reflect the fact that we're now using version 7.1 of the SAC database.

When displaying "tooltip" information for a variable star or double star in the target list catalog, the object type in the tooltip was displayed incorrectly. It's now shown as "star" for both double and variable stars.

When logging an observation from the target list visibility dialog, the altitude and azimuth of the object were shown with values 57x too large. This was due to the fact that the observation logging routine was expecting to be passed the altitude and azimuth of the object in radians, but was incorrectly being passed values in degrees. Now fixed.

In the dialog used to enter the date and time for which the map is drawn, a check is made for the number of days in a month to prevent "illegal" dates from being entered. This wasn't working correctly for February in "BC" leap years, resulting in the program rejecting "legal" dates such as 29th Feb 5BC. The problem has been corrected, so such dates can now be


In map overlays, lines drawn between points not at the same RA or the same dec were displayed on the map incorrectly. Now fixed.

The "Tools/Phenomena/Events" dialog always returns the time and date of events in UT. When using the "Goto" button on the list of events to set the map time and date to the time and date of an event, we weren't taking the observer's time zone into account. Now fixed.

The optional "guide frame" which can be attached to a camera/CCD frame annotation was drawn in the wrong position when the map was "flipped" either horizontally or vertically. Now fixed.

The angle of a frame added to a map which was both reflected and rotated was often incorrect. Now fixed.

By popular request, the behaviour of the "File/New" menu item has been changed; it now creates a new "default map", rather than displaying the "Field of View" dialog.

The position of a star stored in a target list catalog was incorrectly stored as an apparent rather than a mean position. When the catalog was displayed on the star chart, the apparent position was again being calculated, resulting in a small error in the plotted position. Now fixed.