SkyMap Pro 8
Service Packs and Bug Fixes

The following updated program files for SkyMap Pro 8 are available for download:

SkyMap Pro 8 Service Pack

This service pack "patches" SkyMap Pro 8 to the latest version 8.0.5. Click the link below to download the service pack.

Download Service Pack 2 (smp8sp2.exe, 414kb)

To apply the service pack, simply run the downloaded program and follow the prompts on screen to locate the SkyMap Pro 8 installation directory. The service pack will "patch" any older version of the program to create the latest version. Note that each service pack includes all the changes made in all previous service packs.

What's New?

Service Pack 2 (Jan 18, 2002)

New features

The program now automatically stores its "colour setting" - ie, normal, black and white, or "night vision" - between runs. If, for example, you close down the program in "night vision" mode, it will automatically switch back to night vision mode when next run.

Changed the text of the button on the observing log query results dialog from "Cancel" to "Close" to more accurately reflect its purpose. This is a purely "cosmetic" change.

Bug fixes

When loading a stored map from a file, in some situations the labels on an object track would overlap the "cross" markers on the track rather than being slightly offset from the markers. Now fixed.

Under Windows XP and Windows 2000, some of the object information dialogs would be displayed with the text initially scrolled to the bottom rather than the top. This was caused by a change in the behaviour of "RichEdit" controls between Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000/XP. Now fixed.

The program crashed when searching for events if one of the dates for which planetary data was computed was precisely 0h TDT Dec 31st, 2099 AD, due to an incorrect date being used for the transition between the two different "planetary theories" used by SkyMap to compute the positions of the planets. Now fixed.

Service Pack 1 (Dec 1, 2001)

Bug fixes

In the "Planning/Search for Objects..." search facility, it was not possible to filter objects in the NGC/IC catalog by their surface brightness. This should certainly be possible for galaxies, and has now been added.

When displaying the local circumstances of a solar eclipse, it was sometimes the case that the program said that the eclipse was "visible" from the observer's location, but also said that the Sun was below the horizon for the entire eclipse. This happened, for example, for observers in Europe for the annular eclipse of 14th December 2001. Although the information presented by the program was theoretically correct, it's not really meaningful to talk about times of the start and end of phases of an eclipse occuring when the Sun is below the horizon from the observer's location! If the Sun is below the observer's horizon for the entire event, the program now correctly states that the eclipse is not visible from the observer's location and gives no phase times.

On the world map used for solar eclipse maps, the compass bearing of one point relative to another, displayed on the status bar after clicking on the map, was being measured in the wrong direction. It goes the other way around to the star chart! Now fixed.

On the world map, dragging a selection rectangle from bottom right to top left didn't work. Now fixed.