SkyMap Pro 9
Service Packs and Bug Fixes

The following updated program files for SkyMap Pro 9 are available for download:

SkyMap Pro 9 Service Pack

This service pack "patches" SkyMap Pro 9 to the latest version 9.0.10. Click the link below to download the service pack.

Download Service Pack 2 (smp9sp2.exe, 376kb)

To apply the service pack, simply run the downloaded program and follow the prompts on screen to locate the SkyMap Pro 9 installation directory. The service pack will "patch" any older version of the program to create the latest version. Note that each service pack includes all the changes made in all previous service packs.

What's New?

Service Pack 2 (Jul 21, 2003)

New features

The search target marker is no longer hidden when the map time changes. It is now also a "toggle", and can be switched on and off, rather than just hidden as was previously the case.

As a result of user feedback, the controls on the time toolbar for setting the time step unit, removed at the v9 upgrade, have been restored.

Bugs fixed

Objects names consisting of a number without a prefix are assumed to be NGC objects, eg "891" is equivalent to "NGC 891". This, however, did not work in the target list catalog; if an object name of this form was added to a target list, that object wouldn't be displayed on the map if the target list catalog was switched on. Now fixed.

When searching for stars using Bayer, Flamsteed, or variable star designations, the search would fail if there was more than one space between the first part of the name and the constellation name. Searches can now be done with any amount of space between the two components of the name.

When creating a target list by importing a text file of object names, the program would crash if an object name was more than 31 characters in length. Object names are now truncated to 31 characters when imported.

A rounding error in the code which displays the RA/dec of the current mouse position on the status bar resulted in the declination sometimes being displayed with the "seconds" value equal to 60. Now fixed.

When copying an observation record to the clipboard, we no longer add a "UT" suffix to the time; it's not necessarily a UT time.

Editing an instrument record in the observing log database would overwrite the contents of the "comment" field by the instrument name. Now fixed.


Service Pack 1 (Dec 15, 2002)

New features

Items in the target list catalog now display a "Picture of..." right click menu item when this option is selected in general preferences.

The UTC map time status bar item now always displays time in 24 hour format, regardless of the user's time format settings in Windows "Control Panel".

Bug fixes

Selecting an item from one of the drop-down lists in the star search dialog no longer triggers a search in the star search "history". Previously, if you'd already searched for "Betelgeuse", selecting "beta" from the Greek alphabet list would put "Betelgeuse" in the text box rather than "bet", because the string "bet" matched the start of the word "Betelgeuse".

Displaying the information dialog for a deep sky object using the "Info" button on one of the deep sky search dialogs was not passing the name of the object to the dialog in the "standard" format required by the observing log. This resulted in the info dialog's "Tools/Query..." menu item incorrectly reporting "No records found". This has been corrected - the info dialog is now passed the standard name format in all circumstances.

The "Configure Database" dialog was still using the old "mdb" file filter it its "Browse" dialogs. Changed to "sdb" to match the new database extension.

The "time mode" of a map (ie whether or not the map is in "real time" or "animation" mode) is (mistakenly) not stored when a map is saved in SkyMap Pro 9. It's impractical to change the file format to properly correct the problem in "mid release", so as a work-around for the problem, real time and animation modes are switched off when a map is loaded from a file. This bug caused a problem when real time mode was switched on, and a map file was loaded; the map file would automatically switch to showing the current time rather than showing the time for which it had been saved.

The new buttons on the time toolbar were missing from the list of available commands for which keyboard shortcuts could be defined. They've now been added to the list, with names "TTimeSetup", "TTimeAnimateBack", "TTimeStop", and "TTimeAnimateForward".

Fixed a minor "memory leak" which occured when an attempt was made to display a picture which the picture viewer is unable to load, eg as a result of it being in a format not supported by the viewer.

SkyMap Pro 9 added support for external data catalogs which have the object RA in degrees, but the ability to display this had been omitted from the object information dialog for such catalogs. Now fixed.

Not exactly a bug, but the title bar of the planet visibility report dialog was blank. It's now set to repeat the title at the top of the information text.