SkyMap Pro Sample 5

Close-up Views of Jupiter and Saturn

On a "wide area" map, SkyMap Pro displays planets in the same way it displays stars - as a "dot" whose size is proportional to the planet's magnitude.


If you "zoom in" for a close-up view of a planet, the display changes to show the planet with the correct size, phase, and "orientation" in the sky.In the case of Saturn, the rings are shown with the correct size and angle, and for Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, the major satellites are shown.


The screen below shows a close-up view of Jupiter:


Close-up view of Jupiter


Note that the main cloud belts of Jupiter are correctly portrayed, as is the position of the "great red spot". In this view, two of Jupiter's four large "Galilean" satellites are visible, Io and Europa (the other two, Ganymede and Callisto are further from the planet, out of view), and the shadow of Io is visible on the planet.


If we now look at Saturn, at the same time as the above picture and to the same scale, we see:


Close-up view of Saturn


In this shot we see Saturn, with the correct angle and orientation of the ring system. At the time of this image, the rings are titled at an angle of 25 towards the Earth, almost their maximum angle. Note that "Cassini's Division" is visible as a gap in the ring system. Five of Saturn's eight major satellites are visible in this picture, each designated by the first three letters of its name - Tethys, Mimas, Enceladus, Dione, and Rhea; the other satellites are out of view.