SkyMap Pro
Sample Screen Shots


The following links illustrate a number of "sample screens" from SkyMap Pro.  Each contains one or more "screen shots" taken directly from the program, together with text explaining what the illustration shows:

General View
A general screen shot showing an overall view of the typical appearance of the program.
Close-up View
Two screen shots showing the effect of repeatedly "zooming in" on a smaller and smaller area of the sky.
Virgo Galaxy Cluster with Annotation
An illustration showing a view of a small part of the Virgo galaxy cluster. This map also shows how maps can be "reflected" and "rotated" to match the view through any type of telescope, and shows various map "annotations" - eyepiece and CCD field of view markers, text labels, and arrows.
Comparison Between a SkyMap Pro map and a Photograph of the sky
The ultimate test of any star charting program is to see how accurately it compares with the actual sky. Here we show a photograph of the area around M65/M66, and the corresponding SkyMap Pro map for comparison.
Close-up view of Jupiter and Saturn
Close-up view of the planets Jupiter and Saturn.
Unusual Configuration of Jupiter's Satellites
This sample shows an unusual "triangular" configuration of Jupiter's satellites which occurred at about 03:25 UT on November 5th, 1998.
Solar Eclipse Maps
This sample illustrates SkyMap's ability to display a map showing the track of solar eclipses. Here we see a number of different maps showing the track of the total eclipse of 11th August 1999.