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Name: van_den_bergh (12kb)
Contributor: Jeff DeTray (
Date submitted: Aug 21, 2008


This catalog contains 158 reflection nebulae from the van den Bergh Reflection Nebulae Catalog. The catalog was originally published in 1966 by Sidney van den Bergh. According to van den Bergh it contains information for "all BD and CD stars north of -33 deg which are surrounded by reflection nebulosity visible on both the blue and red prints of the Palomar Sky Survey. The nearer reflection nebulae lie predominantly along Gould's Belt, whereas the more distant ones are concentrated to the galactic plane. The data outline 13 associations of reflection nebulae, some of which coincide with known OB or T associations. Attention is drawn to the fact that most reflection nebulae are illuminated by the integrated light of the Milky Way. The integrated radiation will be more intense above and below the galactic plane then in the galactic plane where the nuclear bulge of the Galaxy and most of the disk are obscured by interstellar absorption."

The catalog was created from data found at:

Thanks to Mark Crossley for suggesting this data source.

Three fields might need some explanation.

Types given are I, II, I-II, II P, II, or P.
P is peculiar
Type I and II are defined as follows:
Type I: nebula in which the illuminating star is embedded in the nebulosity
Type II: star located outside the illuminated nebulosity

Surface Brightness is coded as:
VBR=very bright
VF=very faint

Color classes are coded as:
VB=very blue
MB=moderately blue
MR=moderately red
VR=very red