Zodiacal Catalog

Name: Zodiacal Catalog (ZC) (212kb)
Contributor: Jeff Lackmeyer (
Date submitted: Mar 31, 2001

Jeff writes the following about this catalog:

Lunar occultation predictions (total and graze) from IOTA for bright stars are usually given in terms of the star’s ZC catalog number. Some predictions for less bright stars are given in term of their XZ catalog number which is already available on the SkyMap web site, but the XZ catalog does not contain a cross reference to the ZC catalog number. This catalog should provide an easy way to preview an occultation with SkyMap Pro using only its ZC number and the date and time.

The original source data is available at If you are seriously interested in this subject, I strongly recommend downloading the original source data. There is a lot of information included in the original data package that is not contained within this SkyMap Pro catalog.

The original data file is not in a format suitable for direct import into SkyMap Pro. I reformatted the data with Excel (made records fixed length, reformatted RA and Dec, etc) in order to convert it with DataPrep. While I feel that the final catalog is acceptable, the reformatted data is a bit messy, and I chose not to include it or the associated zc.sdd file with this distribution. If you are interested in developing this catalog further, please contact me. I would be happy to share what I know about the conversion.