We’re absolutely Jam Packed with games!

Everyone thinks, ah, video games — we need lots of those! Nope, not us!

We have way too many games about: dateable puzzle pieces, animals rolling in balls, breakfast-based platforming, and cowboys hootin’ and/or hollerin’… We’re seriously jammed up with games. Ya gotta help us buy ‘em up!

Take these off our hands, will ya?:

Pixel puzzles meet dating sim in this romantic comedy adventure! Join the Puzzle League and date up to four of your fellow puzzle-themed superheroes, before the Villain third-wheels you with his doomsday plot! Solve over 250 pixel puzzles, explore a supernatural mystery, and date a giant puzzle piece!

Are you ready? Let’s roll! Get ready to tilt and bounce your way through Rolled Out!, a marble-rolling game with charming characters and precise controls. All you need is one joystick to roll to the goal; fly through courses with speedy reflexes, plot your way through tricky puzzle levels, and stay nimble around obstacles like bumpers, switches, and gravity floors. With over 150 hand-crafted stages to tackle, there’s always a new challenge around the corner!

Backworlds is a multi-dimensional puzzle platform game in which you explore while painting. Shift between two parallel worlds to solve physics puzzles, environmental conundrums, and traversal problems! Use your own creativity to craft a solution through the game’s puzzling worlds!

Befuddle and betray your friends in this local multiplayer party game! Hide amongst the crowd and strike when the time is right, find your friends and put an end to them, before they put an end to you! Compete in three game modes, and prove yourself the sneakiest thief!

Take control of Bacon Man on a gristly quest for juicy justice! Fight your way through the food groups using Bacon Man’s meaty melee! Obliterate massive bosses, and conquer tougher than nails platforming using the patented “Bacon Control System”! Reclaim your glory, reclaim your meat throne, reclaim your kingdom.

Did you know?:

The company behind this Blaseball sponsorship helps people make video games. If you’re a person, and you make video games, and need help making it, Skymap Games offers external development services! Contact us for more info.